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$1,500 Kia Motors Finance Rebate

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Hi there,

I picked up my Telluride on June 14th. I received 2.9% for 60 months and the $1,000 competitive bonus rebate. However no $1,500 rebate for financing through Kia. I've been on multiple forums and threads and it seems like the vast majority of folks received this $1,500 financing rebate.

Is there a way to tell if this was available back then? I have a meeting with the Sales Manager on Tuesday to discuss. I'm hoping it was just an oversight, but shame on me for not researching ahead of time.

Thanks for any valuable insight you might have!
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You might find some mentions of Telluride financing on leasehackers.
Yes, it was available and that was trough Kia financing. You may be able to recoup it by contacting Kia financing.
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Keep us posted if you get the money back, might be others here in a similar situation.
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