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1st 5 fill ups MPG Info

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Hey everyone.
Thought I would share some info on a recent trip the wife and I completed today (7/31) driving the new 2020 Telluride 'S' FWD model.
Left Boise Idaho Tuesday (7/30) AM and arrived in Vermillion, SD Wed (7/31) PM. Total mileage 1382.
Driving conditions
Tires 37-38 PSI
No excessive wind
Interstates 84 & 80.
87 Octane fuel
Speeds driven--Posted MPH + 2-5.
Smart Cruise used 99% of the driving time
ECO Drive Mode

1st fill up
Miles driven 276 Includes mileage from Dealership (town driving) and giving neighbors looking to buy a Telluride a curtesy ride around town
Gal used 11.38
MPG 24.25

2nd fill up
Miles driven 238
Gal used 8.37
MPG 28.41 MPG shown on the Kia Drive Info screen 28.6

3rd fill up
Miles driven 352
Gal used 10.7
MPG 32.9 MPG shown on the Kia Drive Info screen 34.5 (Photo shown on this portion of the trip)

4th fill up
Miles driven 201
Gal used 6.88
MPG 29.18 MPG shown on the Kia Drive Info screen 30.9

5th fill up
Miles driven 359
Gal used 12.45
MPG 28.83 MPG shown on the Kia Drive Info screen 30.0

Pretty happy with the MPG numbers so far. This was 99% Interstate driving and was pleased to see the Drive Info screen was
fairly close to the actual calculated MPG. Traded a 2018 Sorento EX for the Telluride and very rarely got MPG numbers in
similar driving conditions and the Drive Info screen on the Sorento was always 3-5 MPG more than calculated MPG.
Don't totally understand how the Drive Info screen calculates the MPG. It always seems to be higher than the calculated MPG. Maybe
its the way the fuel tank is being filled. I let it run till the auto shutoff. Then wait a few seconds and continue filling till auto shutoff again.
Then I run it to the nearest even cent. Maybe they don't consider fuel in the filler neck?? Maybe someone has an opinion?

Will be interested to see how others are doing with their MPG averages.



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Those are some great numbers, especially since the EPA says the Telluride should get 26 mpg on the highway. From what I've been seeing people haven't had a problem reaching 26mpg or better on the highway.

As for how cars calculate their mpg here are some interesting articles that might help.

Also, I hope you and your wife had a pleasant trip!
I hear that Palisade owners are getting similar highway mileage numbers like you. So that's pretty reassuring.
Thanks for the comments. The articles were of particular interest. Since the first post, I’ve had 2 more fillups and continue to beat the EPA estimate. Had a 27.57 and 29.09 with similar driving conditions. The lower average was across Iowa bucking a headwind. Really pleased with the fuel mileage thus far with slightly over 2K miles. This vehicle continues to impress. Forgot to mention all the miles on this trip have been with the A/C on as well...
Not bad considering its a VERY traditional engine aside from the Atkinson.
Went 1140 miles this weekend. Boise to Portland and back with a lot of driving around in Portland.
The drives to and from were at 70 to 80 mph and she got 26.5 overall.
Not too shabby :)
Beating EPA estimates is always good. Had cars that got worse mileage in real world testing.
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It is an older, tried and tested engine. Now fitted with an atkinson cycle system.
Safe to say solid numbers were expected early on.
Here's hoping they can keep putting up these great mileage numbers!
It’s all about how you drive, I have an Optima hybrid and it took me a while to learn how to drive it now I average 40-42 mpg highwa, when I drive my wife’s Sportage the same techniques apply if you can keep your foot out of the throttle assembly you can achieve great gas milage
December 2019 did a Roadtrip to Austin, Texas from Toronto, Ontario.

Roundtrip 6400 Km

Return path from St, Luois to Toronto, went through snow storm.

Great mileage.

Speedometer Odometer Trip computer Tachometer Gauge
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