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2020 Kia Telluride Price

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After years of selling very affordable vehicles, with the all-new 2020 Telluride that has changed, topping the Kia Sorento that long held top spot. Starting from an MSRP of $31,690 in the U.S. the Telluride is captures a wide range of buyers, priced higher but offers great value compared to rivals like the Honda Pilot, VW Atlas, Subaru Ascent, and Toyota Highlander. In top spec its well into the $40k range.

For 2020 the U.S. version of the Telluride comes available in 4 trims; LX from $31,690, S from $33,990, EX from $37,090 and the beautifully spec'd SX from $41,490. An additional $1,045 is required for delivery. SX owners can pay $4,000 more for the Prestige Package that adds a AWD, technology like HUD and luxurious appointments like nappa leather, bringing the SX up to $46,535.

No packages are available on the base LX, but the S, EX and SX allow you to choose a $100 8 Passenger Seating Package (Telluride S) and $795 Tow Package (Telluride EX and SX).

Color choices will cost you. Snow White Pearl, Black Copper and Ebony Black will cost you $395. Dark Moss, Everlasting Silver and Gravity Grey come at no extra charge.

Lastly are optional items, some necessary like wheel locks ($60), rear bumper protector ($120), cargo cover ($155), carpeted floor mats ($210) and a front/rear mudguard kit ($115). Altogether you get about 15 items to choose from for now.

If you've been used to the Kia Sorento's MSRP, paying over $5,000 more for the base Telluride might be a large jump but worth the trade off of a better equipped vehicle. The Sorento just doesn't put up a fight like the Telluride does.
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The price hike over the Sorento is warranted imo by the significant step up in both design and technology. And just a note that AWD is available on any model, at least according to my local dealer, but its an additional extra.
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I am curious whether or not we will be seeing any incentives being offered on this car. I don't expect Kia to have any difficulty moving these off the lots, but I have never paid MSRP for a new vehicle.
Right now they have 1,000 loyalty OR cometitive cash, $400 military and 1500 plus not so great financing.
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