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$980 per month...Are you kidding me!

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I been looking for an SX with prestige package for a few months. Im well aware of the shortage of vehicles and the frenzy to get a vehicle. I got a call from a dealership over the weekend that the exact model I wanted was IN and NOT pre-sold... I told him I would happily travel the 4 hours to pick it up if we could agree on price. I have a simple method when I lease a car... Everything wrapped into the payment: first months payment in exchange for Keys... This guy quoted me $980 per month... I still cant even believe it. $980!!! That puts a 48K ish MSRP KIA in the same ballpark as other cars with MSRPs in the 80Ks - 90Ks. UNREAL. Who would overpay that much? That is Insanity... Think about all the options you have for a grand a month.... I guess I just had to get my disbelief out in the open to people who may understand and/or appreciate it. Beautiful car... well appointed... 1K per month... NOPE!
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Have you checked out leasehacker? Fortunately there are better rates to be found. Keep shopping.
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