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Any Telluride owners in the DMV area?

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Greetings everyone! Do we have any Kia Telluride owners in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area? We make custom fit car accessories and we test our products on actual vehicles to see if we need to make improvements. We typically use Turo to rent vehicles, but we're having no luck finding a 2020/2021 Telluride. Our shop is located in Rockville Maryland. We would be very grateful if anyone would be interested in coming by our shop for a few hours for us to snap a few pictures for testing. In return, we are happy to offer some free custom fit items for your car! DM me for more information if you are interested.
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Anyone in the area willing to help? I can send more details on the process if anyone is interested.
If I was closer, I would help you out. good luck in your search. You can try posting here too, much more active site.
Thank you for the suggestion! I will try that.
New Owner 2021 Telly "Nightfall" doubt you are still looking but just in case. Message me and I will respond.
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