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Arriving June 19th.....

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Went on contract last night for a white SX AWD Prestige with Black interior. My wife wanted the Dune interior, but as far as we can tell, none have been sent to the west coast since the first wave. Our dealer looked for a month and finally found us the white on black. I'm not sure if it is true, but dealer said that Kia has just issued a moratorium on ordering Prestige models until after the end of the year. A month ago, he said the wait to fulfill an order for an SX was 4 -6 months, depending on the trim level. At that time, he said that he would order one for us, but couldn't give us a delivery date. Now he says he can't even order what we want. Seems to me that Kia highly underestimated the market, but I guess they wanted to avoid another "Stinger Debacle".

I tried to bargain the price down and the dealer laughed at me. Said that he had 5 more people in line after me for the one that was coming. Said if I didn't want to pay that price, it was Ok. He was fine if I walked out... Only paid $2k dealer mark up, (places I talked to in Orange County were up to $13k mark-up.) Total out the door was $55k (incl: Cali tax and lic. and a $1k loyalty discount).

We are stepping down (or up maybe) from a MB product, so I'm hoping that the Telluride holds up to the hype. We have never actually seen an SX Prestige except on the interwebs and only test driven a FWD model. Base trim LX's are the only things that stay on the lots out here for more than a day after they arrive.

I was happy to find a Telluride Forum out on the web. Thanks to whoever started it. Nothing like a growing community to share ideas on a focused topic.
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Welcome to the community!
You're not the only one who's had supply issues. Looks like this thing is more popular than Kia expected.
What type of Mercedes are you trading in?
My wife's daily driver is currently a MB E 55 AMG. She wants a SUV so that she has room for both the grand kids, and the dogs. The grandkids are now both old enough to go with her to our mountain cabin, but currently she has to choose between the kids or the dogs. We looked at a GLS550, but it was over $100k and I had a hard time stomaching that amount of money for a SUV.
I love the Telluride, but the GLS is one sweet ride. Is the E55 one of the old supercharged V8s? I've always had a soft spot for those.
I love the Telluride, but the GLS is one sweet ride. Is the E55 one of the old supercharged V8s? I've always had a soft spot for those.
The GLS is an awesome vehicle, very responsive to the pedal, and some very nice features. But the Telluride has everything the GLS 550 has and more, (well, except a 449hp bi-turbo V8) and is half the price...

Our E5 is a 2006. I love the look of that generation E class, I dont care much for the newer ones. Not sure if we will sell it or just keep it in the stable for a while longer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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