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Black Copper SX-P AWD w/tow pkg

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Hey y'all. Here from Austin TX with my new Telluride! I've been researching SUV's for months now, but decided to wait until more safety features were available; thought I'd be purchasing in a couple of years. My husband saw a Telluride parked at work, researched it, then told me to check it out. I did and I was in love!

We drove the LX on Saturday, but the wait for the SX was at least 6 weeks with a $10k markup. So we searched the internet and found one available in Texarkana for msrp. Emailed them Sunday, they called Monday morning. By Monday afternoon I secured the trade-in of my BMW 550 and the Kia 0.9% financing. Picked it up yesterday. I wasn't expecting a new vehicle for a couple of years and can't believe that I found one I loved a week ago and it is now parked in my garage!

This suv is a dream! The ride is amazing and the features! There are too many to list! The best part was how stupidly easy it was to purchase. We checked Houston, Austin, Dallas, Killeen, Waco, Carrollton, ... every city in the state and there was a wait and markup. Then we started searching in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Finally found a little dealership in Texarkana and was fortunate to get to speak with Josh Dyer who knows how to make things happen.

He said he has sold many over the internet. He sold one to someone in NY online. He had a staff of the dealership drive the Telluride to NY and drive back the guy's trade-in. Whatever needs to happen he makes happen. He said they have 16 more Tellurides coming in by the end of the month; only a couple are pre-sold. They are just waiting there for you if you are looking for a no-hassle easy purchase.
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