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Doug Demuro Kia Telluride Review

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I'm not a huge fan of Doug's reviews, but he's got access to the Telluride very early.

On a side note, I hear some rumor that basically AutoTrader pays to inflate all his views for brands that advertise with them. No idea is there's truth to that.
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overall i thought the review was good until he scored it. He is comparing his scoring against ALL vehicles, not against its own class which is a horribly misleading scoring system cause someone buying a 3-row SUV is not comparing it point for point against a Porsche Cayman which would obviously win the weekend point scoring.
His comparisons have always been pointless and a lot of the time he's comparing specs and features in mass market cars to limited production supercars. Don't know how he can look at this car and not think its styling is well above what we typically see from Kia.
Agree with the above.
He just has a lot of blind followers that are in it more for the entertainment aspect. Most information he gives is for the average person that knows little. You're well past that stage if on a community like this.
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