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Good Pacific Northwest (PNW) dealerships for Service

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Hi all,

I live in the PNW in Vancouver on the border of WA and OR. We're planning to buy a Telluride out of the area due to poor dealerships in and around the greater Portland area. None will sell at MSRP and instead give us the usual run around BS why they can't. I've heard from locals that Kia service is also pretty bad with lots of dissatisfied customers. There are many reports of problems on Yelp with canned responses from the dealerships. So, I'm wondering where some have received good service where they have been generally happy with the work performed and staff's professionalism.

I have a hard time trusting any dealership after all the shady tricks and flakey personnel including lack of honesty and professionalism over the years. I know there are good dealers and mechanics out there. But there seems to be more bad eggs and dishonest practices overall. They don't usually live up to their 'slogan.' It may be as hard to find a good mechanic as it is a good salesman in reality. Any advice from PNW'ers would be appreciated.

BTW, we've had great experiences and fair pricing including MSRP offers from Hilltop Kia in NorCal and Chuck Olson Kia dealership in Seattle. Chuck Olson is 3+ hours from us and will order from them.

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