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HUD keeps resetting the height setting

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Has anyone noticed their HUD height setting continually change? My wife has hers set to level 7 and it keeps resetting to 3 or 0. Very annoying. followed the owners manual procedure exactly but it doesn't seem to save her preferred setting. We have the SX Prestige package.
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A factory reset might be required to clear any software issues. Have you spoke to your dealer?
Stinger owners went through the same thing. See this quote:

The hud setting is one of the additional settings saved with the seat position. Might want to check that.

Other settings are saved as well:
"Driving Position Memory System is the facility that enables driver's seat, steering wheel, exterior mirrors, clus- ter and head-up display (HUD) to be controlled with a simple button oper- ation, which allows a driver to recall memorized driving positions and automatically control them. Driver's seat/ Steering Wheel/ Exterior mir- rors: location Cluster: Brightness of lighting
Head up Display (HUD): height, rota- tion and brightness."
Thanks Wilson, the trick is after setting the HUD height and then saving in your seat position, you have to press the seat memory button AFTER the vehicle starts. guess it has something to do with saving the battery. With previous vehicles (chevy/buick/gmc) our memory settings were linked to each Key Fob, so we were not use to waiting for the vehicle to start before pressing the seat memory button.
Stinger owners went through the same thing. See this quote:
This happened to me a couple of times, glad to see there's a quick solution. Thanks for the tip Wilson!
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