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Ok, I called my Kia dealer here in northern Illinois and asked about removing the tow hitch module fuse and he informed me that One, KIA has NOT sent them anything in writing about the fire problem, Two, he only first heard about this problem on Friday (26th) and lastly, he does not know about removing the fuse from the module. I inquired that if the drivetrains on the Hyundai and the Kia are the same, could not the Hydundai temporay solution of the fuse removal work for the Kia until a final remedy is found? He said he would "reach out" to his contacts and call me back. No answer as of this writing.. Anybody else contact their Kia dealer with this info?
I also spoke to my Kia dealer around early September 2022. He told me the same thing. I’m tired of parking my Telluride on the driveway. If the vehicle spontaneously combusts I certainly don’t want the vehicle in my garage to cause a house fire but I also don’t want to be at risk of the vehicle starting on fire while we are driving it or when it is parked anywhere. If Kia believes the risk of fire is eliminated or greatly reduced by removing the fuse, that order should be sent to all dealers until a permament solution is found. I’ll call the dealer again next week for an update and also request an email address to contact Kia USA.
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