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Is anyone concerned about the Telluride's IIHS headlight safety rating?

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I read the thread about Kia Telluride's IIHS safety ratings and it's bit concerning for me that it got a poor rating for its headlights.

The fact that there was low visibility on curves for the light and low beams in all their tests was surprising, I wonder if it's because of the design of the lights, or that Kia uses halogen bulbs in the LX, S, and EX trims?

What I find the most interesting is that the IIHS hasn't released the ratings for the SX trim that uses LED headlights. Hopefully that bumps up the Telluride's overall rating, which the IIHS suggests could be possible.

For those who have a LX, S, or EX Telluride, how have you found the headlights? Is anyone else concerned about the rating?
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