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Kia Fan, May Take the Plunge on Telluride Soon

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I have had Kias dating back to my 2011 Forte 5-door, 2012 Optima SX and my wife's 2012 Soul and 2019 Sorento. I have watched the Telluride since the concept days and it is awesome from what I have seen. I currently have a VW Atlas SE Tech 4Motion with the R-Line package. If the Telluride had been confirmed 3-4 months earlier I would have waited. Now, I have to decide whether to trade in for the SX Prestige or wait till my lease is completely over..... Will keep you posted what I decide.
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Welcome to the forum Dan, glad to have another Kia loyalist on board. Just out of curiosity how has your Atlas been so far? I've read a lot of concerning things about it online. Hope you find yourself back inside a Kia soon.
I have loved my Atlas. It’s a great vehicle overall. The only problem I have had was a weird catalytic converter failure that caused a warning light, but that was a quick warranty job during a scheduled oil change and the car is no worse for wear.
In general I have only two complaints about the Atlas. The first is I didn’t spend the $50k+ for the Premium model so didn’t get ventilated seats. This is only really frustrating cause my last few vehicles have had them and I like them. The other complain is the gas tank is too small. A vehicle like this is meant to get on the road and disappear. However, the Atlas only holds about 15 gallons which is simply not enough.
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