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Kia Telluride 2020 Blind spot sensor / main wiring harness issue.

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I'm writing to see if any other Telluride owners are having Blind spot warning of collision going off and not working properly? We had it in the dealership 19 days and thought it was fixed but after about 100 mile it's back. They had it in the dealership also 7 days for a low pressure AC hose leaking . We are trying to see if anyone else has or had these problems. We bought this SUV because of its size and were sold on all the safety bells and whistles but we have made 4 payments owned it for maybe 120 days and been in the two local dealerships 26 days so far. We do love it but tired of the service problems any advice out there?
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Ok 2nd round at dealership, the Telluride after putting in a switch in dash to right rear sensors replaced . Then left rear sensor and the plastic connector that holds the wires replaced to now the main wiring harness being replaced. The SUV Had half the dash taking apart to rear lights and bumper removed . To main wiring harness needs replaced and that means seats removed carpet taken out and wiring replaced. So after 4 to almost 5 months of owning our Telluride it about 25 percent take apart . We have been in contact now with Kia consumer affairs to ask for them to give us the new SUV we originally purchased with out issues . March 6 2020 purchased to July 28 .........36 days total so far is dealership. Part ordered and told possibly next week if all goes well. Any advise out there yet?
Sorry we have had ours for 11 months and the only thing I have noted is that you cannot lift up the windshield wiper arms because the hood Cowl is to long.
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