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I'm looking to purchase an AWD Telluride (prestige package) and wanted to touch on the overall AWD system with a mix of questions and concerns.

First I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Kia for building such a capable system, early reviews from the press launch and owners are proving that, adding to the MAJOR selling points that brought me here;
  • mpg (19 city, 24 highway)
  • on and off-road capability
  • pricing (because its affordable to start and we can get AWD on any trim... tip: get the towing package if you're planning on an EX or SX)
  • selectable driving modes
  • center console button activated locking differential
  • and the default FWD setting on the HTRAC AWD that with the atkinson lambda probably helps to net that great fuel economy rating
My questions and concerns are similar to that of a member here (@zora3 ). The actual towing capacity of the AWD equipped models because Kia hasn't provided any detailed breakdown and in fact added more confusion.

I'd like to understand more about Kia's towing capacity rating. It seems to only be rating the engine's ability to pull (and to some undisclosed criteria), rather than an overall rating that accounts for weight differences between trim levels and associated braking effectiveness, and any body or frame or suspension differences both across trims and across FWD vs AWD.

Every other brand has different tow ratings for different trims, and for AWD vs FWD (because they are rating the overall vehicle package, not just the engine).

Some manufacturers voluntarily rate towing capacity per the SAE J2807 standard. Kia can't possibly be testing to that standard, or different trims would have different capacity.

(click here) for more from @zora3
The other relates to off-roading capability in varying conditions. In previous HTRAC models, poor mitigation of wheel slip was an issue. I think as a community we should try to see where the AWD system peaks (on and off road). Some of that can be seen in the following off-road review. First hand insight/tips on mode selection, operation, and so on.

On-road it seems like its ability to transfer power under spirited driving conditions with the sporty transmission goes a long way to support its overall character.

Even if some vibration/noise can be felt/heard as Kia states is normal and on that point, I suggest reading through the owners manual (this PDF is the U.S. market version), Kia gets very specific on the many conditions AWD should/shouldn't be used which will act as your bible in the event of warranty jobs so you don't get slapped.

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Its good that Kia has made AWD an optional feature regardless of trim level, because typically its restricted in that way. Very few will every be taking this car off roading, but I would like to know more about what exactly this vehicle is capable of towing safely.
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