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Kia Telluride Bolt Pattern

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Has anyone here upgraded to aftermarket wheels/tires on their Telluride as yet? Looking to get a set myself and would like to get suggestions on wheel brands, models, sizing (diameter, width, offset), tire brands/models, where to buy and all the usual stuff for the entire wheel/tire package.

For starters, it seems the bolt pattern is 5x114.3.
Kia doesn't list it anywhere but some sites are suggesting that to be the measurements. Most other Kia models use 5x114.3 so it seems to be a safe assumption. If not, our options will be somewhat limited, 5x114.3 is the most common size after all.

Tires on the stock 18's and 20's measure at 245/60/R18 and 245/50R20.
20's are what i'm after so far and preferably with a tire profile not much more aggressive than the stock measurements. Any lower and I fear ride quality could be impacted. Still open to going with bigger wheels and lower profile tires if quality is not compromised. Just probably not as big as this Telluride on 24 inch wheels.

22's on the other hand look great and what I believe will be one of the more common sizes on the larger end, like this example

On the opposite end is this one off-road example being built from a popular camping youtube channel (primal outdoors) which might appeal to some of you, even if you're on paved roads most of the time :D. Next for them is a lift kit and many more upgrades to come.

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I have a feeling that people will be moving away from low profile tires on the Telluride and into options with more sidewall. I much prefer the aggressive look on the later two pics and think those setups really suits the car.
Agreed! Loving the big tire look on the Telluride!
Hey @wilson, the bolt pattern is 5x114 This video shows a guy that swapped the stock wheels on his Telluride with the aftermarket wheels on his 2013 Sorento.

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Thanks for confirming. 5x114.3 is what I was 80% positive on that Kia selected. Its the most common.
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Thanks for confirming. 5x114.3 is what I was 80% positive on that Kia selected. Its the most common.
No problem at all, glad to help!
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