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Which color/material options did you get?

Kia Telluride Colors

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Kia provided us with some great color options on the Telluride (9 interior if you count material, and 7 exterior), that like many of you, have made for a difficult time choosing among them. Fortunately there have been early examples at shows for those fortunate to get inside at the time. So far one of my favorite combinations is Snow White Pearl and Dune Brown Nappa.

I'm hoping to see examples from everyone that purchased so far, or that will be. In the coming days I will be checking more of them out in person. Everlasting Silver and Gravity Grey are my runners up's especially if I opt for a darker interior instead. CQuartz treatment on Nappa will be a must if I go Dune (it was recommended here)

For those not in the know, there are some limitations based around your choice of trim with visuals to follow further below:
  • Black Copper: SX
  • Dark Moss: S, EX, SX
  • Ebony Black: LX, S, EX, SX
  • Everlasting Silver: LX, S, EX, SX
  • Gravity Grey: LX, S, EX, SX
  • Snow White Pearl: LX, S, EX, SX
Lakestone/Beiga Nappa Leather would have been a stop stopper on the Telluride but unfortunately its limited to the K900 as far as I know. Pitty, because the Telluride is to Kia's SUV line up what the K900 is to their sedan line up, for now. Panthera Metal/Black Nappa is another option i would absolutely LOVE to see.

Even at a premium, price above the $395 that Snow White, Black Copper and Ebony Black go for I would consider those K900 colors. $500-600 more seems reasonable. Any takers?

For now this is what we have to work with...

Interior Colors
  • Black SOFINO Leatherette Seat Trim
  • Grey SOFINO Leatherette Seat Trim
  • Black Leather Seat Trim
  • Grey Leather Seat Trim
  • Butterscotch Leather Seat Trim
  • Gray Nappa Leather Seat Trim
  • Black Nappa Leather Seat Trim
  • Dune Brown Nappa Leather Seat Trim
  • Espresso Brown Leather Seat Trim
Exterior Colors
  • Dark Moss

  • Snow White Pearl

  • Everlasting Silver

  • Gravity Grey

  • Ebony Black

  • Black Copper

  • Sangria
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A darker red, but not quite burgundy dark, might have been a nice interior choice too (for white and silver anyway).
It's too bad the interior colors are so limited for silver (just black). Not sure why they would do that. Yet another Kia mystery.
Feeling a bit ripped off - not all those colors are available in Canada. Moss green is what I went with but the Black Copper looks awesome.
@T-RideGuy lucky for us, largely positive Telluride sales could mean more colors and soon!
@T-RideGuy lucky for us, largely positive Telluride sales could mean more colors and soon!
Kia hasn't proven they bow to consumer needs like that. Positive sales can push them to do the opposite, which is to not rush into expanding options.
What do you guys think about HiChroma Red on the Telluride?

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Its the only Stinger color that I would love to see here
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Love the color, as with any darker colors on the Stinger!
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