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Coming from the Kia Sorento, I have to say that the Telluride's dimensions are a big relief!. We finally have a third-row seat that does what a third-row should, ultimately helping to achieve that 8-seater status.

Throughout the rest of the interior, exterior and generous cargo space that I will be using a lot of, there's little compromise by passing on the Honda Pilot, Ford Exploer and Toyota Highlander -- all of which I looked at before coming here, but i'm open to hearing what others have to say in that regard.

Observations I made from a looking at a Telluride EX were a bit mixed. As a taller adult the third-row seats weren't completely comfortable. If you must absolutely sit back their, shorter drives are okay but it was optimized for children.

Configuring the seats were also a bonus. Had the EX for under an hour and didn't get to experience much. Moving the seats around during that time and seeing what up to 87 cubic feet of cargo space is actually like for my Ikea runs was surprising. Its probably as versatile as some full size SUV's, the gas guzzling Tahoe being one of them.

Behind the wheel you really get a sense of its exterior dimensions (height; 68.9 inches, width; 78.3 inches and length;196.9 inches)
when trying to navigate around busy streets and tight parking lots. I never drove a vehicle this boxy before.

The Sorento felt more like a sedan, especially with interior dimensions, layout and styling that can pass off as one, unlike the Telluride.

In case the Telluride's dimensions weren't enough I discovered a full-size Kia SUV is in the works, called the Mohave. It will probably cost $45,000-48,000 to start like the Toyota Sequoia and also offer 100-120 cubic feet of cargo space.
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