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Kia Telluride Ground Clearance

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8-inches of ground clearance makes the Telluride one of the most off-road friendly mid-size SUV's in the segment but has anyone actually tested its limits? Fortunately Kia did include under body panels and a rear skid plate for protection. So by now I imagine at least some members have pushed its limits and tested the approach/departure angles, whether for fun or as a baseline test before doing a build.

The potential to build a mild off-roader that can get us through reasonably challenging terrain does exist here and i'm hoping we can delve into it. Off-road Telluride concepts from SEMA were a clear indication of what could be done by someone with a sizable budget. Some overland builds have started although relatively mild.

Part of that has to do with aftermarket parts, which there are none. In the coming months I expect that to change.

Chances are off-road ready upgrades are in the works. In some ways i'm hoping to Wrangler'ize the Telluride for both aesthetics and actual capability.

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I'd love to see some crazy off road build with portal axles and the works
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