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I also prefer the console shifter to the push button gear select as well. But I like the cleaner look of the integrated screen on the palisade compared to the "pod" approach on the telluride.
Digital dash features of the info displays favors the palisade in my view too.
Are those photos comparing the highest trim levels on both?

Not sure about seat comfort between the 2. I wonder if they use essentially identical seat construction and foam firmness/shape?

Also not sure if the ventilated seat implementation is the same on both, but I can say the implementation on the telluride is one of the best I've experienced. Most ventilated seat, you can't tell the difference between the 3 fan levels and you'd essentially always leave it on max, but on the telluride, you might even be tempted to turn it down to 2. If the palisade vented seats are the same then that's a wash.

edit to add: I should probably go drive both on the same hot day to test AC effectiveness. A lot of AC implementations these days are really anemic if you live in a hot climate. I imagine the telluride and palisade use the same AC system parts though, but not positive.
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