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Kia Telluride Pricing Markups

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According to CarsDirect, Kia dealers are still marking up the Telluride by as much as $10,000!
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I recently contacted 3 dealerships in the Philadelphia (PA) area. One dealer wanted $3000 over MSRP, one wanted $3500 over (but threw in an accessory package), and one wanted MSRP. I’ve never paid sticker in my life, but in this case was happy to!
Yup. I contacted all the dealers within about 100 miles - about 2 dozen of them. Each one wanted around $8k over MSRP. But I got mine for $9,000 less than all those dealers. A dealer just 15 minutes away had a "one at this price" on their website with all the features we needed. They even threw in the roof racks at no extra cost.
Just joined your Forum, 3 Sorentos since 2011, test drove the new one, a lot smaller, made me feel big so I got the Telluride, delivery on monday (SX, Sangria.) Paid $500 over MSRP. After 10 years of owning Kia, no loyalty offer, take it or leave it. I took it. I hope I'm not going to regret it. Thanks for letting me join!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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