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Kia Telluride Roof Rack

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To go with its rugged look, all but the base Telluride come with built-in roof rails, while the cross rails will cost you extra and are not automatically a part of the car.

To add some more info, I looked at the official specs for the Telluride and it looks like the roof rails come standard on both the S and EX trim levels, but not on the LX. On the S and EX the roof rails come in a silver finish.

Roof rails also come standard on the top-level SX trim, but come in a chrome anodized finish, to match the detailing on the rest of the car.

The cross-rails can be added on when you order the car for an additional $310.

It likely won't matter, but i also wanted to point out that the roof rails do raise the overall height of the vehicle. Without roof rails the Tellride is 68.9-inches tall, ad when you add them it grows slightly by 0.4-inches to 69.3-inches

I recommend getting the cross rails from Kia direct. Most of the aftermarket sites I've found charge more for them.

On they are going for over $400.

OEMKiaSuperstore also charges around $400

KiaStuff does, however sell additions like a bike rack or ski/snowboard rack.

Here's a helpful video from Kia about their roof racks
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I'm going to get thule cross bars. Normally factory cross bars are too light weight to handle any serious load, hopefully they'll be available soon.
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The factory ones on this guy seem sturdy enough fwiw
Is there an idea of how much you can store on the roof rack?
I was able to attach a larger after market plastic bubble (20cu ft) Attaching a pic of the oem crossbars installed My only issue is the max distance between the 2 bars
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Any one try the new Yakima Ridgeline Towers? I have Yakima round cross bars with a bunch of accessories and would like to continue using this system. According to Yakima's home page, the new Ridgeline Towers with the Roundbar SL adapter should work.
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