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Hello everyone,

I lurk here but created an account to ask about the Telluride and really any brand new model a company comes out with. Is there any negotiation on a model that just comes out. I have been calling around and there are so many dealerships that only have 1 or 2 with more coming in and a list of names waiting for them. So because of the limited supply are dealership more likely to hang on to them until their stock increases unless they get MSRP? fetLife itunes

Thank you!
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First up, thanks for saying hi! Always good to meet a new member.

Based on everything I'm hearing you won't be able to negotiate right now. Sometimes you can on new models, but there's a LOT of demand for the Telluride it seems and most dealers have just a few models.

You may have to give it a few months until the initial excitement wears off, then you can negotiate.

It's either that, or pay a premium so you don't have to wait. (Like so many things in life).
Welcome @hardus77

During times like this, if you want a Telluride ASAP then trying avenues others may not, might be the only fighting chance you have. Autotrader has about 1000+ Telluride listings. Over 50% will just be for leads but I bet something can be found if you look/call around enough.
I'm happy with my Telluride, it drives well, it's comfortable, spacious, not bad performance. Very solid product overall. On the other hand, I don't see really anything that special, or significantly better than competitors. Especially the engine is very average. instasave
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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