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New guy from L.A.

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Hi all, I'm Mike. I was int he process to buy a nice CPO Sorento, and I saw the brochure for the Telly and fell in love! Yesterday I was at the local dealer and I saw 2 of them. I think my dealer has 8. I think i'm now going pull the trigger for a base model (LX?) in black with black int. Shouldn't be too much and it's my first new car. And i'm sure it'll be one of the firsts in LA too. Hoping to pull the trigger in the next 2 weeks.
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Welcome to the forums!

If you do end up getting it, post up lots of pics.

We're here in Los Angeles as well, and plan to add a bunch of new items to our site for the Telluride.

Stay tuned...

Welcome to the forum Mike. Glad to hear you stumbled across the Telluride before pulling the trigger on that Sorento. Does the dealer seem like they will be willing to negotiate at all with you on the price and options?
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