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My name is Anton White.

To whom it may concern, my dealership at 2525 Valley Ave in Winchester VA 22601 (PARSONS KIA) does NOT** mark the Kia Telluride up 1$! We sell at sticker price and due to that we have a hard time keeping them in stock. Every dealer around us marks the Kia Telluride up 2-8k more and call it an adjusted market price. We do not participate in that. Less than 2 hours ago, I just sold the only available one for the public but there are options. I am going to list how to buy your next 2021 Kia Telluride with NO mark up and get the fair deal you deserve!

1) Pre-Order. Build your "desired" vehicle by going to and choose the (vehicles) tab then build it. You can add up to 6 accessory options. PACKAGES ARE NOT ACCESSORIES*. You can add any trim level package plus 6 accessory add-ons. Call me once your ready to order at 304-356-9798. Business hours are 8 am- 7:30 pm Monday - Friday. 8-5 Saturday. I am OFF Thursdays & Sundays. We do not ask for ANY commitment other than to honor your order and be patient with me. It will take up to 4 months to come in but it could be within 3 months.

2) Leave your contact information with the exact build you want and I will call if we happen to get one from the Kia Factory and it's not spoken for. We do not hold tellurides due to high volume interest so be ready to purchase. *All Tellurides at my dealership sell within 36 hours so selling them in any trim level is not difficult. We will work with you if you need it delivered via 3rd party delivery team.

I would LOVE to be your car connect no matter how far the distance is. Please keep me in mind for any and all vehicle purchases! Thank You.
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