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Official Kia Telluride Accessories List

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All Telluride accessories are listed here, its precisely what I see at my local Kia dealer. Pricing can vary by your location so that wasn't included here. So far i'm very pleased with what Kia has provided us which covers all the basics and more for the interior and interior. If anything is miss or becomes available i'll be sure to update this thread.

  • Auto-Dimming Mirror w/HomeLink® & Compass (Part# S9F62 AU000)
  • Door Sill Plates, Illuminated (Part# S9F45 AC000)
  • Interior Light Kit (Part# S9F55 AC000)
  • Seat Attachment, Base (Part# 00253 ADU00)
  • Tablet Holder Kit (Part# 00053 ADU01)
  • Tablet Holder Without Base (Part# 00153 ADU00)
  • Universal Electronics Holder (Part# U8790 00000)

  • Door Handle Pocket Protector, Clear Appliqué (Part# D9048 ADU01)
  • Hood Deflector (Part# S9F24 AU100)
  • License Plate Frame, Chrome (Part# S9F39 AM000)
  • Mighty Mounts (Part# UM080 AY008UV)
  • Rear Bumper Protector (Part# S9F47 AU000)
  • Roof Bike Attachment (Part# UM000 AY008RA)
  • Roof Cargo Basket Attachment (Part# UM000 AY008LW)
  • Roof Cargo Box Attachment (Part# UM000 AY00815)
  • Roof Rack Cross Bars (Part# S9F21 AC000)
  • Splash Guards - Front (Part# S9F46 AK000)
  • Splash Guards - Rear (Part# S9F46 AK100)
  • Sport Visors (Part# S9F22 AU000)
  • Tow Hitch (Bumper Cover and Harness required - sold separately) (Part# S9F61 AU000)
  • Tow Hitch Bike Attachment (Part# UM080 AY008HA4)
  • Tow Hitch Bumper Cover (Part# S9F61 AU060)
  • Tow Hitch Chrome Cover (Part# UR010 AY200HC)
  • Tow Hitch Harness (Part# S9F67 AC000)
  • Wheel Locks (Part# U8440 50000)

  • Ash Cup (Part# 2TH78 AP0009P)
  • Cargo Cover (Part# S9F12 AC900)
  • Cargo Net, Hybrid (2 position - Envelope or Floor) (Part# S9F17 AU000)
  • Cargo Organizer, Portable (Part# G5F12 AU000)
  • Cargo Tray, Folding (Part# S9F12 AU000)
  • Coat Hanger Attachment (Part# 00007 ADU00)
  • First Aid Kit, Large (Part# 00083 ADU22)
  • First Aid Kit, Small (Part# 00083 ADU13)
  • Floor Mats, All-Weather (Part# S9F13 AC000)
  • Glove, Smart Key Fob (Part# M7F76 AU000)
  • Phone Charging Kit (Part# H9F66 AU200)
  • Roadside Assistance Kit (Part# 00082 ADU20)
  • Severe Weather Kit (Part# C6F74 AU000)
  • Sport Pedals (Part# S9F05 AK000)
  • UV Sunshade (Part# S9F08 AU000)

Paint Pens
  • Touch-Up Paint Pen - Black Copper BCP (Part# UA019 TU5014BCPA)
  • Touch-Up Paint Pen - Ebony Black EB (Part# UA006 TU5014EBA)
  • Touch-Up Paint Pen - Everlasting Silver ERG (Part# UA019 TU5014ERGA)
  • Touch-Up Paint Pen - Sangria Red M2R (Part# UA015 TU5014M2RA)
  • Touch-Up Paint Pen - Snow White Pearl SWP/SWA (Part# UA011 TU5014SWPA)
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