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Overland Kia Telluride: How would you build it?

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Kia's overland Telluride revealed at SEMA was our first look at whats possible for owners that plan on taking these on long adventures. I have seen some very mild examples so far and Primal Outdoors on youtube is continuously building out his (more on it below) but how would you build your own? As more ways to customize with parts like brush guards and lift kits become available the volume and intensity of builds will take off, so this should get very interesting.

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I've recently binge watched "Primal Outdoors" & "Softroadingwest" & "Ontario Overland", Very much inspired for this type of camping. Planning to organically make the mods as I grow into the camping behavior & my trips become more audacious.

Following is what I've planned to tackle as 1st phase in time as I feel the need.
  1. Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T G015
  2. Truxx 2" lift
  3. Shave front bumper for approach clearance, similar level as Primal Outdoors
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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