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Experience and Story of My SX Prestige Dune Brown MSRP 47790

Kia of Clarksville IN

I was very excited on Feb 10th when we test drove the exact telluride on the lot only to find out it wasn't truly for sale after we said we would buy it. It was already sold.

We then spoke to the GM and he showed us behind the desk one that was coming in around the 23rd and the price 47s along with the price of his own dealer invoice in the 45s. I remember him having to show my wife that the interior was indeed a dune brown. He looked at me and said that will be the price no coming down from that price and I said agree. We put the $1000 down and left.

My brother who has been lead finance manager for years at Hare Chevy in Fishers asked me if I got the price in writing and I said no I spoke to GM directly and we agreed and he took my $1000.

I got to the dealership on the 21st after they me called me to tell me my Telly was on the lot. We drove 93 miles. Once there I went and looked in side the car and noticed on the sticker they added an addendum up to 51k. (Picture attached). I was irate but went back in to sit with my wife. I said they are going to try to get us to pay more than GM quoted. I was irate.

Our sales rep brand new was mortified when he came over to discuss numbers. He knew and we had been texting the price the deal and just friendly text everyday. I told him if that sales manager tries to charge me over MSRP I was quoted by the GM we are going to have problems. I went directly to sales manager and said your GM told me I was paying MSRP and showed it on his screen. We agreed and I put $1000 on it.

The sales manager said he calledGM and said he didn't agree on price and thought we had a trade in. I said no. My salesman back the true story up for me.

The sales manager came over and said they would honor the price of MSRP.

Now comes the leasing magic trick to try to get my money. Sale manager said we would get a 2.75 lease rate to get $1000 rebate. I said even with our perfect credit scores I should be able to get 1.75 to get my $1000. I said I'll pay the 2.75 but i already read the Kia site and spoke with my buddy who is GM at my hometown Kia dealer and he just text me I get the 1.75 rate. I told him if I don't get best rate and I find out this I'm coming back and getting it. It's against law basically not to give me my best rate I qualify. He came back after a chat w finance manager and said I got you the 1.75.

Here are all the documents attached. Ask any questions you want.

I paid MSRP. Got the mud guards. And the all weather mats 😃 and rate I qualified at 1.75 . I did have to pay a shitty $300 fee as you can see but I didn't want to argue that.
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