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Recent upgrades

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bought this Wolf Grey SX Prestige for my wife for Christmas. Today I tinted the front to windows and installed brake caliper covers. Now I’m waiting for the bug deflector to arrive, then I’ll have it painted same color as the vehicle and install the same lettering on the bug deflector that is on the front of the hood

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My bug deflector ( well it’s for my wife’s Telluride) came today. Now to get it painted wolf grey, install the lettering on it and install it on the vehicle
(y) on the calipers. I am still waiting for mine to get here. I added tint to the rear passengers on back to deter wandering eyes when it is parked.
What brand of caliper covers are these?
They are MGP brand with "KIA" on them. When I searched for caliper covers I didn't find many options
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