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safety system failure

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Had mine for 3 weeks and alarms going off already. the safety system has failed? What is the fix? Upset on a brand new vehicle!
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Can you provide more details on exactly what happened?
Did you get warning messages on the dash?
Probably leaving a living creature of some sort inside the car while locking it.
My alarm recently did this and I think I know why. I was moving out of state and loaded the back of my Telly up everywhere except the two front seats. I also added a luggage carrier on top filled with items. My alarm would go off randomly after locking the doors. It didn't happen all of the time, which was confusing me. I took her to the dealership to have them hook it up and look for why it was happening. They could find nothing. They said that maybe I had a mouse or other creature inside. I was pretty confident that I did NOT have a creature inside of my vehicle. My husband thought that maybe the weight of the items was causing the alarm to go off, or that maybe something would shift inside the vehicle (it was pretty loaded down and packed to the bring...) The dealership did not think this is what was happening, but they hadn't seen this issue before. Once everything was unloaded, the issue stopped. We believe it did in fact have something to do with being too weighed down.
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