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Second Row bench seats shaking

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Noticing a new issue of late which is just making me mad!

The second row bench seats are somewhat loose. Even with a little bit of road bumps the bench seems to shake up ( especially the head rests) and it produces a hissing vibrating noise. I can produce the very same sound with the car being switched off and if I just slap/punch the middle row bench then I can distinctly hear the shake/vibration and the sound it produces with it...Seems like the bench seat frame does not have enough support and therefore any slap shakes the entire bench .

The second issue I have is that the roof of the car just behind the roof lights rattles when hitting a bump..again you can produce the same sound by slapping right behind the light switch part.

I will take a video of both issues tomorrow and post them here.
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Hi is there any solution to fix this issue
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