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Soon to be owner—Hello!

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Hi! Awaiting my 2021 Moss Green EXP, set to arrive in Central NY in the beginning of March. I’ve had two Optimas and this is my first SUV.
I found a VIN on Failcat that may be mine. I was told there may be someone on here who can look to see what initials are linked to that VIN to verify. Any truth to that? Thanks in advance! Looking forward to the info on this site.
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Welcome @Greg0116.

Did you take delivery of your Telluride yet? Would love to see pics of it!
I'm waiting for some new information. How do you like the car in general? You said something about checking the VIN. You can send it here, it's interesting for yourself. I check all vins via auto vin check free Get free VIN check of your vehicle . Excellent service, an alternative to Carfax
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