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SV100 Series Solar Pump Inverter for sale

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3 Phase 1.5 KW (2 hp) solar pump inverter, DC and AC power input switchable solar water pump controller, 3-phase AC 230/400/480V for selection, built-in MPPT system, can be used for monoblock as well as submersible pump.
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SINCR 1.5 KW solar pump inverter, converts the DC power from solar panels to three phase AC power, providing water for remote areas lacking of electricity.
Transfer the solar DC to be AC, drivers the water pump to supply water, with the functions of MPPT, water level control, AC/DC switching, fully automatic operation, etc., to control and adjust the whole solar pump system operation.
No need for batteries, water storage instead of battery, easy installation, low cost and low maintenance, economical and environmental protection, zero carbon emissions, widely used in solar agricultural irrigation, irrigation station renovation, domestic water supply, desert greening, etc.SV100 Series Solar Pump Inverter for sale
website:China SV100 Series Solar Pump Inverter Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Customized SV100 Series Solar Pump Inverter Wholesale - SINCR
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