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Telluride AWD and offroad- any experiences?

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Anyone doing offroading?
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Gave it a few days but participation here is slow. I have not taken ours to any serious situations, but there are lots of you tube videos of Tellurides doing some serious off roading with great results.

I wouldn't say pure off-roading but in between off-roading & Overlanding day trip. Exploring back roads & unmaintained winter roads/trails here in Ontario, Canada.

Had to be a bit careful as mine is stock without any lift or mod. Running on Nokian WRG4 All-Weather tires. Few times one side was in the air and some slips with AWD kicking in. Was fun.

The particular day in the video was following intense rain of 2 days. Unfortunately, video doesn't show the depth of the bumps & washout depth of the trails. Only way to notice from the movement of the hood.

My buddy took his telluride off road about 4 times. Driving on the highway he started to get a shake. Good thing he slowed down. The front tire fell off. I would not take a Kia Telluride off road. Not made for that. It’s not made well these Kia Telluride
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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