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Telluride leans

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I bought an S trim from Atlanta Kia West a couple of months ago. After a week or so walking up to it in my parking garage, I swore that the car was leaning slightly to the left. So I measured and sure enough the left side of the car is an inch lower than the right side. I call the dealership. They thought I might be mistaken and had me bring it in. When they measured, they were surprised that it was in fact leaning to the left albeit a little less than what I had measured.

And that is where the trouble began. The service mgr sends the info off to KIA and are supposedly waiting for a response. The customer service people are treating me like a pariah because God forbid someone else finds out that their cash cow isn't perfect. Weeks later I've been on the phone with KIA support who haven't been able to do anything because the dealership is privately owned and the dealership has gone radio silent.

Just because the car is driveable doesn't mean that the coming wear and tear plus imbalance (which is getting worse btw) is somehow acceptable in a vehicle that I already paid over sticker.

So my question: has anyone else had this problem? If not, any suggestions on how to get KIA to deal with this? I'm going to post this in all Telluride forums because now they've turned a huge Telluride fanboy into a pissed off customer who's starting to really regret buying from KIA.
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We have an S with 11,800 miles on it, 3,000 of which are towing at limit. I just checked and there is no difference anywhere on ours.

I suspect they do not know and are trying to find what is wrong. Kia does have many franchised dealerships like most companies do, but there is no way that Kia cannot make the dealership fix the problem. Unless the dealership is in process of imminently going bankrupt there is no radio silence.

Call both Kia and the dealership, and let them know that you are going to go to the news with your Lemon car if they do not actually fix it and start better communication with you.

My Kia dealership is great! I have bought 7 cars from them and they treat me fantastic even when they screw up. We ordered our S with the towing package and it came without. They installed it for free.
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