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Telluride main competitors

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As SUV's are now the top selling models across the industry, it has quickly become a segment of focus for automakers. Established models like the Nissan Armada, Chevy Tahoe and Toyota Highlander have been around for years but newer model like the Subaru Ascent or VW Atlas have quickly risen in popularity as well. Undercutting these rivals on price could help give the Telluride a good starting advantage.
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Fuel-economy numbers:

The FWD city/hwy/comb

2020 Kia Telluride: 20/26/23
2019 Honda Pilot (V-6) 20/27/23
Highlander (V-6) 21/27/23
Traverse 18/27/21
Atlas's 17/24/19

AWD city/hwy/comb

Telluride: 19/24/21
Pilot: 19/26/22
Highlander: 20/27/23
Traverse's 17/25/20
Atlas's 17/23/19
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Atlas is a dud.
Not that I need to remind anyone to avoid VW but don't let its great face value fool you. Once the hype died down, what the Atlas really is started to show through. Couldn't be a better time for Kia to step in with what fills in that void for an SUV in this segment with more luxurious appeal.
I'm currently not in the market for a bigger SUV but if I were to pick one today. It's a no brainer that the telluride is on the top of the list with the Subaru Ascent a close second with all the others a far third. Curious to see how it does in crash testing
I suggest you look at crash test ratings of some of the most recent Kia's to come out. The Forte being one of them.
At one point I was interested in getting one and surprisingly discovered it had impressive crash test ratings, some of the best you can ask for.
Atlas is a dud.
I have had my 2018 Atlas SE 4motion R-Line for 18 months and 20k miles and counting and have not found a single flaw with the vehicle at all. Its a great car so calling it a dud is pretty harsh, whats driving that opinion? Compared to the Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Dodge, and Ford that I compared when I bought it its a much better overall package. Call it the poor man's Q7. Its quick, quiet, well equipped and handles better than any vehicle this size should.
That said, I am looking at when my lease is up what my next vehicle will be and for the money, the equipment in the Telluride SX Prestige is very impressive so that will be what I am looking at unless I take the plunge and move truly upmarket to an X5, X7 or Q8.
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