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I am a huge fan of my Kia Telluride SX, but there are a few misses that I am surprised to find.

1) No Auto-Locking feature on exit
Most cars have them now and my prior CX-5 from 2016 had the feature.
You would expect at this price point and time to have this feature
If you can offer mirror expansion on walking up to the car and remote locking via UVO, you have the geo fencing to auto-lock.

2) Android Auto (a few misses here)
a) How is there no wireless AA yet
b) Why is there no tile for AA on the right so that you can have the map on the large screen and lets say music on the right side tile
c) Why can you not go full screen? You can hide the right side tile, but AA stays the same size

3) City fuel economy
Not sure where they test city driving, but no city I have ever been in gets the mileage that Kia states.
You are looking at 13 to 14mpg at best in true city environments with stop/go even in Eco mode and just a driver and empty car.
Really disappointing to see such low numbers

Some of these are a little picky I know, but once you get above a certain price point and when you have competition with full LCD screens and more these little things really start to annoy you (especially the no-auto lock after having had multiple cars with it. Constantly leaving the car unlocked)
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