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Videos of the 360 camera?

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Anyone found any videos of the 360 camera capabilities on the SX? I'd like to see the video quality, low-light performance, all the different view angles it has (hopefully a trailer hitch view as well), and zoom/pan capabilities if it has that.

I downloaded the manual and it says very little (I have a few issues with Kia's manual but that's a different topic).
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Here are a couple of videos I came across that can help give you an idea of what the Telluride's 360 camera is capable of in the day and in the night.

This link shows what the camera is like in the daytime driving forwards and backwards. With the SX's big 10.25 inch display you can definitely get a clear view of what's around you.

This other link shows what the camera view is like when reversing in the nighttime. The rear lights seem to a pretty good job at lighting things up.
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