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What to love or hate about the 2020+ Kia Telluride?

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If you can share a few things about your ownership of the Kia Telluride, what would it be? The most liked or hated, share them with the Kia Telluride community. ;)
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Love: "At just under $47K all-in, the Telluride SX is a value-packed SUV brimming with solid moves, astutely engineered features, and a character as unfailingly friendly as a Golden retriever. Jamie Kitman was right: This new Kia is astoundingly good."

That was snipped from an article but sums up how great the Telluride is. Dislikes are hard to find.
Just the price. Dealership doesn’t always fix the problem
The TOWING saga!!!!!Insane that Kia is allowed to mislead the public about this....Also dealer up charges for basically nothing!!!! America allowing a foreign manufacture to do what ever!!!!!Wheres all these Lawyers now?????
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