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Worst Dealership Experience?

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I've heard lots of complaints over the years about poor dealership experience. I know I've had my share. In particular one Mazda dealer that just plain lied to me.
I walked out of there FAST!

So what was your worst dealership experience?
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poor handling of the brand-wide safety scandal was one of them and hard to get over
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poor handling of the brand-wide safety scandal was one of them and hard to get over
Never experienced that but I heard horror stories.
Over the years they have improved.
Bad dealings with Kia dealership in Vermont, thought we got an ok lease on a 2018 sportage only to find out they had taken my wife to the cleaners (before we were married) on a base model sportage, so when the price I negotiated on her loaded 2018 sportage EX only increased her payment by 2 dollars I thought we had done well. A month later we get a 400 dollar bill from Kia finance saying we terminated early when the dealer told us we were a month late. I talked to the finance mgr who promised me it was a mistake and he would clear it up and if necessary the dealership would eat the $400. 3 mos later another letter from Kia another trip to the dealer another bs story and false promises, another month another letter telling us the bill was at collections now the dealer won’t even talk to us we paid the bill. In the mean time a week after we leased the sportage I get a text from the dealership asking if I wanted to trade in my 2014 optima ex hybrid with 20k miles on it For a new sorrento. I said sure but I’m upside down and you won’t give me what I need to pay it off, long story short they made a lot of promises about using part of the huge rebates and cash back to pay off the optima with enough left over for the down. I knew it was a lie, I paraphrased the deal Back to him and he said absolutely that is what we are going to do. Against my better judgement I went in and of course they said are you crazy we would never do that. I asked to speak to the general manager, I showed him the whole text conversation and all he had to say was I can’t be held responsible for what a sales person says. I said your right, but I’m going to post this on every web site I can, I’m sending it to koa corporate and I will tell everyone I know and I will get a permit and picket in front of your dealership everyday and when the news comes to find out why I’m protesting I will show them this text and tell them what you said. And I left. That Monday I got my permit and for the next month I was in front of their drive everyday. I never heard from corporate, but last week I got a call from a gentleman who identified himself as the new general sales manager. He said he was calling because of some very negative comments he found online and copies of a text conversation between me and the dealership, he apoligized prolifically and asked what they could do to earn my business, he said he had been hired to clean house and fix the dealership, he said he had fired everyone in sales and finance, and needed me to give him one more chance and that he would work with me personally, no sales people just him and me... told him I would think about it.......... I googled the dealership and he is the new general manager, would you go back
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I bought mine at Kendall here in Nampa, ID.
They were GREAT! I kid you not, it was the best car buying experience I've had.
I'm 66 and have purchased more than a few vehicles in my life.
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